Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mine is not a new story.

Long awkward gaps in posts leave me with no choice but to write long awkward "this is what I've been up to" entries.

So here goes.

First and foremost, hair curlers have become more and more a part of my daily routine. Seriously? I didn't expect to turn into my mother for at least another decade.
(Oh, and as we all know, "this is what I've been up to" entries contain lots of pictures.)

That's me, circa 5 seconds ago. Real-time blogging y'all. I'm so hip and happening I can't stand it.

Oh, the hair is also new. Apparently I was hungry when I toddled on over to Duane Reade, because I came home with a box of "chocolate covered cherry" for my tired, bored locks. I go to Aveda for a trim on Monday and can't wait to see what they make of my homemade dye job.

But there's more to me than hair.

Speaking of hair, I saw Hair! And Billy Elliot, too! Broadway's new season pretty much kicks ass. Billy Elliot had me doubled over screeching and crying and snotting from all the laughter. Incredible. Absolutely incredible, start to finish. I could not WAIT to give a standing ovation at the end...and I'm one of those standing o snobs that HATES that it's become expected and passe at the end of EVERY PERFORMANCE OF ANY SHITTY SHOW. Hair was also just solidly good. I don't have quite the rant and rave about that one, but I sure did enjoy myself. I'm still waiting patiently for the opportunities to see West Side Story, Blithe Spirit, Rock of Ages and yes, even 9 to 5! Crissie and I saw Guys and Dolls a few weeks ago. I wanted it to be fantastic, but it sure wasn't. In fact, it was so bad that at the end of the show, I threw Crissie down the stairs just so we'd have something different to talk about on the way home and wouldn't spend the entire subway ride wailing OH CRAIG! TITUSS! MARY! WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURSELVES INTO!?!? But that's a whole different story for a whole different day.

(I didn't ACTUALLY throw my roommate down the stairs. But she did take a tumble, so we like our new version of the story better.)

There have been some other fun happenings. Mardi Gras, for starters. Kim suggested we dress up as Robert Palmer girls. So we did.

I can't lie. It was pretty hilarious. Flying Vs included.

And then Jennimafer came to visit me! We pumped some money into New York's economy and some wine and cupcakes into ourselves and generally had a delightful time.

(Hey Jenn, I'm really glad you've been in my life for nearly 9 years now and I giggle when I think about the freshman we once were vs. the women we've become. Thank you for coming to spend some time with me!)

Megan turned 28! So of COURSE we had to help her celebrate. So of COURSE there was a tiara involved!

Which of COURSE I was eventually kind enough to let the Birthday Girl wear.

After reviewing Megan's birthday party film, I would now like to take a moment to note that I believe I am beginning to have a profound negative impact on my friends' picture taking abilities. Scroll back two entries to see a typical picture of me. Now, observe.

Apparently, it has become far too big a favor to ask that anyone just smile pretty for a gosh-darned picture. Self included. Whoops.

And THAT, my friends, brings you up to speed. Taryn arrives in a few more days before her Adventures in Italy commence. I am positive there will be more sordid tales and inappropriate pictures to follow.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The rest is mine, I guess. The beauty AND the mess.

Tucked somewhere in every phone conversation with my mother is her reminder that she had me (her first child) when she was 32. Evan came along 10 years later While the rest of society places a great deal of importance on the Holy Sacrament of Marriage and the blessings children bring, (snort) I'm comforted in the fact that at least my Mama isn't quite ready for me to follow suit. And of all the ways I may have possibly disappointed my parents over the years, at least being single and nearly 27 isn't one of them.

At the end of every phone conversation with my father is his most favorite piece of advice. "Watch your back." That has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I find it hilarious that of all the things he could say, that is what he consistently chooses.

So there are two big things happening.

1) I'm hellbent on losing another 30 pounds before my birthday. Mainly because with 30 more pounds off, I'll be past 100 pounds off total and I'm pretty sure that's hot shit. And I'm pretty sure the summer will be so much more bearable if I weigh less and therefore feel more comfortable wearing less. Oh yeah, and there's that whole healthier thing too.

It feels good to be eating well again. Earlier today I was flirting with the idea of grabbing slice of pizza or seven for dinner tonight. And then I realized I didn't actually want pizza, I just felt like I should want pizza. I actually want a turkey-apple-cheese sammich on wheat pita with sprouts. And some hummus. I greatly fear I might turn into a chickpea any day now for all the hummus I've been eating.

and the super big news

b) New York gets to keep on keeping me. In June, I'll be signing into another year's lease. While I had made no actual plans to move back to Charlotte, I think we all know it's something that constantly squats in my mind. But after a talking to from my most favorite voice of reason, I realized I'm never going to be truly happy here until I quit talking about leaving. And then I'd leave and suddenly feel all kinds of guilt and sadness over never giving so great a city a real chance. And I know this is the right thing for me because I couldn't possibly imagine being more excited than I am right now at this very second.

Becaaaaaaaause I'm moving into a 3 bedroom with Megan and Marielle and it's going to be beautiful and fantastic and we're going to live in some spectacular neighborhood and in some kind of a brilliant apartment. The timing is perfect - the market is down and so is the rent. We have time and absolutely no need to compromise a thing.

We had our first roommate date over sushi and fro-yo last night and it simply felt right. To try to put it into words would be silly.

It feels damn good to love your life and your situation and your job and your friends but still see lots of room for improvement. LOTS of room, y'all. But that's ok. I'm pretty sure I've still got time.