Monday, March 31, 2008

Life's a little foggy, a little soggy.

On Friday night, sushi and martinis needed to happen. So they did.

When it came time to order, Crissie announced she would be having the pad thai. (Crissie and I are both very guilty of food ruts, you see.) So I exclaimed "Crissie! Break the pad thais that bind you!"

::Cue crickets.:: I thought it was hilaaaaarious. Apparently, nobody else finds it such.

While walking home from the bar, the subject of the funny places which I've publicly peed came up. I had to defend the time I peed in front of a deli in Brooklyn and without thinking I exclaimed "What?! It was a necessi-pee!" Grooooan. Apparently, Friday was a very punny night.

It's Monday for the rest of the world, but for me, it's Friday. Yes friends. I have two whole days off stretching ahead. I think I'll sleep and read. Sounds glorious.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I told you, I was trouble. You know that I'm no good.

I mean, I thought it was just about the jelly. Clearly not. Way to branch out, guys!

(Real post coming soon. I can almost feel it!)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Under some words on a dirty wall. Eatin' take-out by myself...

While ridding my apartment of unnecessary clutter, I ran across this delivery menu. I don't even want Chinese tonight, but I'm tempted to order just so I can learn more about these destined to be delicious Steamed Little Juicy Buns. Mmmmm-mmm! Good eats!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Shillaleigh, y'all!

Top 'o the (afternoon?) to ya!
Being that I'm at work and therefore confined to a strictly black and white, I had to get a little creative in my wardrobe planning. Lucky for me, I have a lovely Crystal Ann in my life, purveyor of perfect Plan Bs. "Tie a ribbon in your hair!"
(Too bad my St. Patrick's Day celebrations are long over. My Saturday night was spent in Washington Heights, dancing many a jig and drinking too much wine, only to come crawling home somewhere around 5 AM. Things are fun but oh, how I'm ready for spring.)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?

It's halfway through March and I have yet to give a recent State of the Alison address. Well. That's cause things are going. Not necessarily perfectly but not exactly poorly. (Perfect? Poor? I don't know. Some English major. I mostly don't feel like thinking right now.)

But I did make a promise at the beginning of this year that 2008 would be the year I stopped talking and started doing. So isn't lack of blogging proof that I'm doing just that?

Truth of the matter is, I've been spending a LOT more time buried deep inside real, live pages that I write on with a pen. It's kind of nice, really. I can even take my thoughts along with me to places that my computer cord won't reach, like park benches and subways. I wonder if other people know about this. Hopefully one day soon I will transport those words into this forum, for I have many new things to share.

Also, thanks to the recent demise of my iPod, I've been reading. Like, a whole lot. Dorothy Parker is my hero, William Mastrosimone is incredible, and Taoism is best explained with Pooh characters.

And knee socks. I've decided I looooooove knee socks.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mawwiage. Is what bwings us togetha. Tooooday.

"You're the strangest person I ever met," she said. And I said, "You too."
And we decided we'd know each other a very long time.