Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is over my head, but underneath my feet

Sign of the times: I'm an adult and I know it because there's a good foot of snow on the ground and I have not once been outside to play in it. Snowball fight and snow angels were hindered by the fact that Megan has tonsillitis and I am in the mood to be lazy and sit warm and snuggly on the couch with my space heater and cat nearby.

I've been terribly MIA because the last 3 weeks have been long and ridiculous and dramatic. We had some housing drama that likened our living room to the set of Jerry Springer one week ago. Hint: housing drama NOT caused by either person pictured here:
To pile more to the drama, I was all busy acting. Note to self: do not EVER audition for a show or sign up for more stuff to do in the middle of busy season at work and right when a new property is opening. Bad judgment call, Alison. Whatever, it was fun. And Crissie and Jenn were in town too, so that just added to it all. Last Saturday night, 12 friends came to sit in the audience and cheer me along and find more reasons to make fun of me. Afterwords, we tumbled into a nearby bar and proceeded to be awesome. I loved it.
Once again, I am overwhelmed by the friendship, grace and laughter God has placed in my life. Due to aforementioned housing drama, I will not make it home for Christmas. That's ok. Megan and her parents are taking me in for the holiday, so that I will not spend it alone. And since friends are the family you choose, I will still consider the day spent with family. It's a happy ending in a sticky situation. I know now who I can count on, and who I cannot. (And who I can is a sum considerably greater than that which I feel I have lost.)

The next two weeks will be difficult, but I'll make it through. And then the "Noughties" will be over and I'll welcome a new decade and somewhere around January 6, life will slow to a crawl and I will catch up on sleep and blogs and money matters and another important things.