Sunday, March 20, 2011

Please please please, come on and sing to me

Ok.  I am on my feet and up and running and have about a gajillion things I could blog about.  I cannot deny that I spent my first month back in Charlotte shaking my head and questioning both my sanity level and decision-making ability.  True, I wasn't happy there, but I didn't exactly fall into happiness here, either.  And I'm a happy person, dammit!

First and foremost - I did land myself a pretty sweet job.  Of course, I'm only one week in, so more on that later.

What I'd really like to do today is give you a visual of the new space I rambled on and on about in my last entry.  I couldn't be any more pleased with the way this place is actually coming together.  It's pretty simple to keep clean now that it's just me and a cat.  And though I still have a couple pesky piles of stuff to sort and hang and tuck away neatly, it's mostly done, entirely live-able, and INCREDIBLY WELCOMING FOR GUESTS!

Knock knock.
 When you walk in my front door, this is what you'll immediately see.
Turn your head slightly to the right and you'll have a better view into my bathroom.  Bathrooms are terribly exciting places, no?

Let's proceed!
Ah yes, the dining room!  I'll be getting a the rest of the chairs shortly.  The set is my Grandma Shirley's (Mom's Mom) and I just love love love the unvarnished wood and retro feel of the chairs.  Oh, and a super cool photo collage of the general awesomeness that exists in my life will be plastered across that wall. 

My living room is probably the most finished room in the place.  I have a couple more chairs coming my way, but otherwise the furniture is all set.  Most exciting?
 MY BIGASS TV.  42 inches of flat screened, 1080p, LED-LCD goodness.  I'm in heaven, and I don't even have cable (yet). 
Of course, I'm also a simple girl, who enjoys her bookshelf and balcony, too.

 There's the view looking from the back of the room and into the kitchen.  I am LOVING all the counter, drawer and cabinet space in the kitchen.  Through the door on the right is my laundry room.  That's right.  My laundry room.  I'm still pretty giddy about it.

Onto the next room...

My bedroom is far from done.  I rearrange the furniture daily and still don't love where I am with everything.  What I do love?  My curtains and chandelier.  Who puts a chandelier in their bedroom??? This girl.

Next we have one of the main reasons I got this apartment.
Helllloooooooo, closet space.  And oh-so-very Carrie Bradshaw in design.

We have now arrived in the bathroom.  This is what it looks like.

As you exit the bathroom and complete the circle, you'll see something incredibly important to me.
My apartment is chock full of Granny Connie's paintings and things, but this painting is far and away my favorite, and I couldn't be luckier to have it and look at it every single day. 

And that's all (for now) folks!  Stop by any time - I've got wine on hand, snacks in the fridge, and a whole lot of gossiping to do.  Oh my goodness, it is so good to be back in the South.

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April said...

Love the apartment! Nice touches everywhere, but I especially love the chandelier!!! Break a leg at your audition! And welcome to the next chapter in your life...
(btw, my word verification to post this comment is swoon, appropriate, no?) Love, (other AK)