Sunday, July 3, 2011

And now for something completely different.

So yesterday I turned 29.  Hoooooooray for the final year of my 20s!  This decade has been...well.  Intense.  And wonderful.  I did really cool things like graduate from college and figure out my career path and move to NYC and back to Charlotte again and cement friendships with people who are a thousand shades of brilliant.  And that whole figuring yourself out thing?  Pretty sure I did that too.  I am an unfinished woman, and 100% ok with it.  I like having wiggle room in my own life, so long as I'm never a completely lost cause. 

But frankly, I'm ridiculously excited to get to 30, cause I'm thinking if I'm going to get to do the things in this life that really matter, things like become and wife and mother, it's prooooooobably going to happen somewhere between 30 and 39.  Just a hunch.  And I's like my 20s were the dress rehearsal for my real life and everything is going to get so much better from here.  I hope that's not false optimism talking. 

Excited as I am to turn 30, I do want to leave my 20s the best and brightest way possible.  The goal is going to be to enjoy each day for nothing more than exactly what it is, and focus on the present instead of the possibility.  I'll make it to 30, one day at a time.  And you'll get to watch, because I started a countdown blog that will get one post or picture every single day.

I'll still use this blog from time to time for my longer rants and raves, but the main focus will be over yonder on tumblr.

Shine, shine, shine on.  Yes.  Won't you shine, shine on? (The Kooks)

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